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Boreholes on standby at Bamunu to rescue vulnerable hippos and crocs

CHICHIMANI, 13 SEP (NAMPA) – Three boreholes drilled by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) in the Bamunu Conservancy of the Zambezi Region in 2016 are on standby in case hippos and crocodiles return to the Mabwii ponds.
The generator-powered boreholes are meant to replenish the ponds that are drying up in the Sibbinda Constituency.
About 200 hippos and crocodiles that lived in the ponds earlier this year moved to the channels of the Chobe River still full of water.
“The boreholes are not pumping water for now, because the hippos and crocodiles which were stranded in 2016 had moved out of the ponds this year,” said Romeo Muyunda, spokesperson of the line ministry, on Tuesday.
The boreholes were drilled at a cost of over N.dollars 440 000 and they successfully pumped out large volumes of clean underground water into the shallow ponds.
Secretary of the Bamunu Conservancy, Austin Muyabe said the boreholes will only be used if the hippos and crocodiles return to the ponds.
The conservancy, which started operating in 2011, comprises five villages: Muketela, Chichimani, Kanono, Shaile, and Malundu.
Muyabe said over 500 elephants, 3 000 buffalos, 4 000 zebra and many other game live there.

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