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Public should not create a market for stolen items: NamPol

RUNDU, 12 SEP (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police in the Kavango East Region have called on the public not to create a market for stolen items.
Crime Investigations Coordinator in the region, Deputy Commissioner Bob Kanyetu said in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday the public should desist from buying stolen items as this creates a market for robbers.
“People are creating a market where these people (thieves) sell the stolen items.”
The crime investigations coordinator warned those buying stolen items that they will also be charged with theft.
He also advised the public to take precautionary measures when leaving their houses, such as informing their neighbours and making sure all their doors are locked.
“People should as well alert the police if they notice any suspicious movements or happenings in their neighbourhoods,” said Kanyetu.
According to him, 15 house breaking-ins were recorded since last week Monday in which electronic appliances such as televisions, lap top computers and mobile phones were stolen.
In Nkarapamwe location, also known as Katutura, a house was recently broken into at around midnight while the owners of the house were asleep.
Several electronic items with an estimation value of N.dollars 15 000 were stolen.
Kanyetu also attributed the frequent break-ins to a lack of street lights in some locations such as Millennium Park, Katutura and Safari, saying this makes it easy for criminals to commit their acts.
Other locations targeted include Ndama and Rainbow.

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