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“We are not anti-Geingob”: Kaukuata-Mbura

GOBABIS, 12 SEP (NAMPA) - Incoming Swapo-party Regional Coordinator for Omaheke, Ruth Kaukuata-Mbura has strongly denied that the newly elected regional executive has been de-campaigning Swapo Vice-President Hage Geingob from becoming party president.
Kaukuata-Mbura, a former councillor for the Epukiro Constituency, said some party members in the region have been falsely claiming that she, alongside others considered to be close to her, do not support a Geingob presidency at party or country level.
She said such “lies” were propagated on social media platforms, amongst others.
Speaking Monday shortly after her election as new regional coordinator, Kaukuata-Mbura said the new executive is fully behind Geingob and supports no other candidate.
“People have been saying a lot of things to advance their positions in the party and most of these things are not true. As such, we want to assure the region and nation at large that Omaheke is 100 percent behind Dr Hage Geingob for party presidency come the congress,” she said.
Kaukuata-Mbura said there was no reason why they would not support a Geingob presidency, as they align themselves with the ideologies, principles and developmental plans Geingob has put into motion.
She explained it was only fair that Geingob be given a chance to see the developmental plans through, so that the country can reap the “best of fruits” from them.
“The Harambee Prosperity Plan speaks to every Namibian; it is about an inclusive society for all and that is what we as a regional executive subscribe to,” she said.
The Swapo leadership in Omaheke has been ripped into two opposing factions, which have consequently also divided the membership base in a ripple effect.
One faction, of which Kaukuata-Mbura is said to be long to, is headed by regional governor Festus Ueitele and Gobabis Constituency Councillor, Phillipus Katamelo.
Former Omaheke party regional coordinator, Kejamuina Mungendje is alleged to lead the other faction, which consists of party leaders such as Veronia Kuzeeko, Bianca van Wyk and Frans Murangi.
It was infighting between the two factions that caused the ultimate exclusion of Otjombinde District from the party’s oncoming congress in November.

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