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Kaukuata-Mbura wants unity among Swapo members

GOBABIS, 12 SEP (NAMPA) - Newly elected Swapo-party Regional Coordinator for the Omaheke Region, Ruth Kaukuata-Mbura has called on party members here to unite and forge stronger bonds with each other for the sake of progress.
Kaukuata-Mbura, who ascended to the party’s top regional position on Monday, said it was high time the opposing factions in Swapo’s regional leadership unite for a common good.
The regional coordinator made the remarks in her acceptance speech, shortly after defeating Kejamuina Mungendje to the position.
Mungendje had served as party regional coordinator since 2012, when he beat politician-turned unionist Job Muniaro in a race for the portfolio.
Kaukuata-Mbura, a former councillor of the Epukiro Constituency, said the ongoing wrangles within the party in the region do little to restore the party’s image as a formidable force in Omaheke.
“We must strive to unite as one people and work together for a common purpose as brothers and sisters from the same household,” she said.
Kaukuata-Mbura said it was unfortunate that some party members do not see things as the rest do, but pledged to work with all rank and file and supporters of the party.
“The party is bigger than all of us, as such our greatest allegiance should be to the party,” she said.
Underscoring her ascendance to the regional coordinator position as a victory for women empowerment, Kaukuata-Mbura said she wants to see women advance in the party.
The former Epukiro councillor was already elected as regional coordinator over a month ago, but had to step down after the elections were nullified.
This followed complaints of irregularities that surrounded the regional conference, which was ordered by top Swapo structures to be held again.
On both occasions, Kaukuata-Mbura ran against Mungendje as incumbent regional coordinator at the time, but Mungendje failed to show up on both elections.

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