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Woman in Ondangwa court on abortion and murder charges

ONDANGWA, 08 MAR (NAMPA) – One of two women implicated in the death of 28-year-old Jahiteeri Nuujoma after an illegal abortion in Ondangwa on Sunday, appeared in court on Tuesday.
The accused, Ndinelao Mathilde Matheus, was arrested on Sunday after she allegedly attempted to assist the deceased in terminating her pregnancy. Matheus appeared in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on charges of induced abortion and murder.
Police reports indicated that Matheus, with the assistance of an unknown accomplice, reportedly gave the deceased a mixture of medications for which she was charged N.dollars 1 500.
The deceased was then left at the accused’s home in the Okuryangava settlement while they went out and during this time, a neighbour heard moans coming from the house.
He went to investigate and discovered the dying Nuujoma.
Matheus, who appeared before Magistrate Peter Nangula, at first opted to conduct her own defence but was advised otherwise by the magistrate.
“You should be advised that the offenses you are facing are serious and it would be best if you seek the representation of a lawyer,” Nangula said.
She then opted to engage a State lawyer.
State Prosecutor Ester Embanga objected to the granting of bail, noting the seriousness of the case. She also said police investigations are still at an early stage and the State fears she might interfere with the investigations.
“It is also against the public’s interest and the State worries she might commit the same offences,” Embanga added.
The accused has been given the right to lodge a bail application with valid reasons, which means she will need to stand for a bail hearing.
The case has been remanded to 28 April 2017 to allow for further police investigations and for Matheus to engage the services of a State lawyer.
Her accomplice managed to evade the police.

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